benjamin gapany:
la force des traditions




Benjamin Gapagny is a Swiss wrestler but also a farmer from the beautiful region of Gruyere (Fribourg), heir to the family estate. With the Federal Festival of Swiss Wrestling as the challenge of the season, the sports program is intense. How does he manage to lead his two lives in parallel?


Directed by Titouan Bessire
Produced by Playground
Filmed by Titouan Bessire
Edited by Titouan Bessire


Produced with the precious support of our partners – Marché Gaillard, Vacherin Fribourgeois and Ready2Brand, the documentary was presented on November 3, 2022, in Fribourg. Several screenings took place afterwards in various cinemas of the Canton, as well as private screening to partners’ clients and guests, which were followed by a Q&A with Benjamin.


Key component of this realisation stood with the difficult dialogue between father and son. The son’s quest to peak in his sport is going against his father’s expectation to hand over the family estate. This documentary addresses the important topic of heritage in family businesses.