Unwritten Chapters




The unwritten chapters of Women’s pro cycling and the team since its launch in 2015 – Dive into the behind the scenes of CANYON//SRAM Racing and learn about the team’s drive to inspire others and contribute to the development and recognition of the sport.


Directed by Titouan Bessire
Produced by Playground
Filmed by Titouan Bessire and Thomas Maheux
Edited by Titouan Bessire


The short movie allowed our client CANYON/SRAM Racing to use it on its platforms and its rider’s, as well as on the main sponsors CANYON’s and on social media channels like Strava, reaching over 100’000 of viewers.


With the close cooperation with the team management, our teams had unlimited access to all the riders and team principals. This short documentaries takes us in the heart of the team and showcases the path to become a professionnal female rider. In a sport where all the eyeballs go on men’s road cycling, Playground decided to focus on the young and upcoming champion of tomorrow.